A hearty welcome to all our e-Learning students. I am glad you chose OAUCDL for your undergraduate programme. You made a great choice and your experience here will soon justify your decision. We have deployed state of the art technology, highly qualified and highly skilled and experienced instructors, tutors and technical personnel to make your learning as seamless as can be found anywhere. But, I need to assure you, that contrary to what many think, e-Learning, while more convenient, is not easier than and is certainly not an escape from the proper rigours of academic work that face-to-face classroom learning presents. You will be responsible to cover the same course materials and strive for the same standards of excellence that are demanded in the face to face courses. I, therefore, need you to understand that e-Learning requires from you self-motivation, commitment and discipline.

To achieve this, you should get started as soon as the session commences and adhere to the scheduled programme of tasks and goals as they are outlined in your course materials. This way, you will not get bogged down with piled up work, which can be very discouraging. Getting started and staying on schedule is one of the secrets for success in online study. And I trust you will make the necessary commitment.

All our channels for consultation with your instructors, tutors, classroom forums and support groups are open to you anytime. Should you have need for clarification on any matter, feel free to get in touch with us via these avenues.


Once again, welcome, and do have a most illuminating and fun time learning.

Prof. H.B. Olaniyi