About Us

At a Glance

Established in 2002 by the Governing Council of Obafemi Awolowo University, our centre was charged solely with the responsibility to facilitate the development and co-ordinate the delivery of degree and sub-degree programmes by open and distance learning mode through the use of modern information and communication technologies.

Our Mission

The mission of OAU Distance Learning is to develop and provide through emerging network technologies, responsive and quality distance learning opportunities that meet diverse local, national and global needs.

Our Vision

The vision is to expand the reach of education that is open, flexible and that is responsive to the challenges of a rapidly changing world, accessible worldwide anywhere, anytime and to virtually anyone who needs it.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to facilitate the development and co-ordinate the delivery of degree, sub-degree and professional programmes by the open and distance learning mode through the harnessing of emerging information and communication technologies.


Our Programmes Objectives

The objectives of OAU Distance Learning Programmes are to:

  1. Provide increased educational opportunities to those disadvantaged by limited time, distance, gender discrimination, old age or physical disability, thus contributing to meeting the ever-increasing demand for tertiary education in Nigeria;
  2. Develop and establish high value and demand driven degree and non-degree programmes;
  3. Re-position the University within the context of growing global information technology revolution and global learning community and use information technology to enhance teaching and research and university administrative efficiency;
  4. Attain financial sustainability by generating the financial resources necessary to support the university’s mission and thus reduce dependency on declining government funding;
  5. Build mutually beneficial linkages with industry.
  6. Location

    Centre for Distance Learning,
    Off Road 1,
    Obafemi Awolowo University Campus,
    Osun State,


    Obafemi Awolowo University was founded in 1962, then as the University of Ife. The University is presently constituted of 13 Faculties, 2 Colleges and 95 academic Departments and units with 175 undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes in the Liberal Arts, Education, Science and Technology. The OAU Instructional curricula rank one of the best in the country and internationally. Since graduating its first students in 1966, the University has produced graduates found in virtually all fields of human endeavour within the country and in the Diaspora. In establishing OAU Distance Learning, the university is therefore fortunate to draw not only on her historical strength in curriculum development but because of the broad range of curricula offered at the university, faces no problems accessing competent academic staff to moderate courses.