Apply for a Programme

Prospective applicants are enjoined to read the following guidelines and ensure that they understand it, to be able to complete their application with ease. However, if you seek to apply for the Nursing Science, Education or Accounting Online programmes, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE.

Before you apply

Before applying for any programme, ensure you follow these steps:

  • Choose the programme you intent to apply for by going through the list of available programme.
  • Read through the admission requirement for your chosen programme to ensure that you possess the minimum qualification. There are specific qualification and requirements for each programme. If you're unsure about whether you meet the entry requirements, please contact the officer in charge of the programme for more information.
  • Be sure to check the related application fee before going to the bank to pay. Please, note that the method of application may vary based on different programme.
  • Please, note that no downloaded or printed copies of application form will be accepted. Applications for our programmes are strictly online.

How to apply

  • Create an account on our application portal

    All applications for our programmes are online. As such, you are expected to create an account on our portal and indicate the programme you are interested in. See the list of available programmes.

  • Pay the appropriate application fee

    Unless otherwise stated, for all our programmes, application fees are paid online directly on our portal by making use of Debit / ATM cards. Please, note that application fees are subject to a review as the occasion demands. Check application fees here.

  • Complete your application form appropriately

    Take your time to fill and complete the application form by logging in with the account you created. Ensure that you supply correct and accurate information during the application; failure to do so will affect your application. As the case may be, follow the instruction on uploading supporting documents carefully.

After applying

After applying for a programme, you need to keep checking the website for relevant information pertaining to your application.

Depending on the programme you applied for, check to see if you may be required to meet additional requirements such taking entrance examination, attending an interview or audition/screening before admission can be issued.

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