Postgraduate Certificate Course in Gender Studies and Social Development

Centre For Gender and Social Policy Studies

Programme Category
Programme Description
The Post Graduate Certificate Course in Gender Studies aims at providing a rigorous, integrated and relevant postgraduate experience for students so that their educational and career objectives would be enhanced through creative and scholarly feminist / gender analysis of men and women’s lives. The programme will teach the enrolled students how to apply feminist/gender methodologies, analysis and problem-solving to their chosen academic fields. The will also learn to integrate the rigours of scholarship in gender studies into their chosen professions, as a means of enhancing their professional lives and opportunities for advancement.
Programme Objectives
  • Discuss the importance of gender issues in development;
  • Introduce candidates to the linkages between gender equality and development;
  • Provide a professional credential to supplement other training;
  • Analyse gender inequality in access to education, health, labour markets, employment opportunities and productive resources and how this affects development;
  • Understand the usefulness of gender as an analytical tool across disciplines and;
  • Revise tools available to integrate gender issues in poverty analysis and policies for managing socio-economic development.
Admission Requirements
Applicants for the postgraduate Certificate Course in Gender Studies should have a university degree from an approved university.
The course will last for three (3) months.
Mode of Study
Face to face.
How to Apply
Application are made online, click here to review the steps involved when applying.
Please review fees information.
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