Pre-degree Programme

At a glance

Our Pre-degree programme is designed to be an intensive coaching curriculum aimed at preparing senior high school graduates (senior secondary) for university education.

Given the prevalence of deficiencies students carried over from secondary schools, our Pre-degree programme help students deal with the setbacks that often accompany such circumstances by providing them with a good head-start which will facilitate superior academic performance in the university.

Prospective Applicants

Take advantage of this opportunity and kick-start your track into the University to start your career.

Pre-degree Students

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Note that you are expected to keep your profile up-to-date to aid your results processing.

Pre-degree Background

With the introduction of the course unit system in Nigerian Universities in the 1977/78 Session the concessional examination was abolished in 1978 and admission to Universities became centralized through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Well over one million applicants seek admission every year into universities which now have a capacity of about 250,000. The competition is quite stiff and good preparation will result in better performance by the students.

This background establishes the need for a Pre-degree Programme in the arts and the sciences that would serve as a platform to equip prospective students for university admission, give them a good head-start and promote superior studentship in the university.