Mode of Study

E-Learning Mode

The Centre for Distance Learning programmes involve applications of multimedia technologies that support delivery of knowledge in an electronic mode (e-Learning), as well as independent learning or correspondence and conventional face-to-face mode of lecture delivery (blended mode).

All lecture notes are converted into interactive electronic mode and Compact Disc (CD) forms using efficient e-learning technologies to produce e-modules for students’ easy access to study online. Our e-modules tell when a course begins and ends, including a number of fixed date events within each course e.g fixed dates or events such as assignment submission, face to face tutorial sessions, the start and end of conferences, chats and examinations.

The use of social network facilities such as Facebook, Twitter, Netlogs, Wordpress etc for academic purpose is also used to facilitate online lecture delivery.

E-learning Training

The National Universities Commission in collaboration with the British Council and the Open University of UK has been organizing a series of workshops to prepare Nigeria Open and Distance Learning lecturers as National Trainers on E-teaching for University staff. The CDL has participated actively in the programme. During the past year, a total of 12 University staff have been sponsored by CDL on the NUC- facilitated train-the-trainers workshops in Abuja and Lagos and have been certified by NUC as Distance Learning Trainers. Over 150 OAU Lecturers have been trained by these 12 University staff to use e-learning technologies to impact knowledge to students.