Executive Masters in Professional Economics

Department of Economics 

Programme Category    Postgraduate
Programme Objectives
  • The main objective of the MPE programme is to provide professional training for those wanting professional expertise in economic management with deeper exposition of corporate business management strategy. It is also designed to meet the growing demands for economics specialists to achieve the industrial development that is in conformity with global trend in economic relations. Within the context of the main objective, the MPE programme is expected to;
  • Expose the students to both theory and practice of economic management and critical evaluation techniques than those available at undergraduate level or in any of the existing management related-graduate courses;
  • Given aspiring professional economists subject matter expertise in developing economic management proposal and evaluative critical analytical techniques;
  • Foster the development of industrial establishment and public enterprises;
  • Increase the availability of appropriate manpower for economic management that can meet the challenging demands of ever changing global economy trends
Admission Requirements
  • A bachelor’s degree of Obafemi Awolowo University or other approved institutions in any of the social science fields (Economics, Administration and Management studies; Geography; Psychology, Education (Econs), History (Econs) Computer (Econs); Estate Management; Agric Econs and other related disciplines;
  • The admission into the MPE programme is open to both potential and practicing professionals working in the private and public sectors as employee, employer, consultants and public policy analysts.
  • candidates must also meet the screening requirements of the Postgraduate College
The Degree to be offered
Master of Professional Economics (M.PE)
The duration of the course is two academic sessions covering four contact periods of intensive course-work leading to the writing of a Long Essay.
Mode of Study
Weekend Lectures
How to Apply
Application are made online, click here to apply
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