Executive Master of Industrial and Labour Relations(MILR)

Department of Labour Law 

Programme Category Postgraduate
Programme Overview
The programme is proposed as a professional training package for industrialists, civil servants, employers of labour, in both public and private sectors of the Nigerian labour force, and others who engage in human resource development. Nigeria in the recent times has witnessed unprecedented labour crisis epitomized by trade union strikes and lockouts. Thus, there is no doubt that seasoned industrial and labour managers are urgently needed and required to put Nigeria in its rightful place in the emerging global economic order. The department wishes to fill this vacuum for Nigeria, so that the country can truly achieve the much-needed sustainable development in both economic (material) and human terms.
Programme Objectives
  • The main objective of the MILR programme is to provide professional training in industrial and labour relations in order to meet the growing demands for labour and industrial relations specialists if industrial peace is to be enhanced and ensured. Within the context of the main objective, the MILR programme is expected to;
  • Educating intending students in the theory and practices of actuarial science;
  • Expose students to both the theory and practice of industrial and labour relations;
  • Give aspiring human resource managers subject-matter expertise in industrial and labour relations;
  • Foster the development of professional competence in the management of industrial and labour conflicts
  • Increase the availability of appropriate manpower in industrial and labour relations
Admission Requirements
  • Applicants for admission to the MILR Executive programme shall be Industrialists; Labour Leaders; Civil/Public Servants; Industrial/Personnel Managers; Employers of Labour/Chief Executives etc;
  • A Bachelor’s degree of Obafemi Awolowo University or other approved institutions in any of the Social Science fields (Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, PPE, Psychology, Administration/Management Studies, Law and any other related discipline);
  • Candidates must also meet the screening requirements of the Postgraduate College of Obafemi Awolowo University
The Degree to be offered
Master of Industrial and Labour Relations (M.ILR)
Award of Degree
Candidate must have taken and passed courses which carry a minimum of 36 units with a weighted average of a B Grade, and successfully complete a Field Project Report.
Students Workload
Students are required to offer a total of 36 course units to graduate students will offer course work totaling 30 units during the first 3 semesters of the programme (see Table 1 below for the list of courses). These courses will be spread through the 3 Semesters in the following order - First Year Harmattan Semester -12 units; First year Rain Semester - 9 Units; Second Year Harmattan Semester - 9 Units. Students are to pass a written examination on each course at the end of each semester with not less than a C Grade score in any of the written papers. Students must pass the course work with an overall weighted average of a B Grade. Pass a 6-unit research project at the end of the Fourth Semester, following a 3 Month Internship in a reputable organization.
The programme shall last 4 Semesters, consisting of 3 Semesters of course work (duration of 390 hours), and three months of Internship leading to the writing of a field report.
Mode of Study
Face-to-face Weekend Lectures
How to Apply
Application are made online, click here to apply.
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