Postgraduate Certificate Course in Gender Studies and Social Development

Institute of Gender Studies and Social Development

Programme Category    Postgraduate Certificate
Programme Objectives
  • The course is aimed at gender focal points, staff of women organizations, programmes and project managers, policy-makers, activists, women advocates and feminist students, staff of NGOs and CBOs, staff of UN specialized agencies government officials, etc.
  • To introduce and maintain an integrated, interdisciplinary Programme of gender and development;
  • Develop and facilitate a Programme of professional development that will enhance the capacity of participants to integrate gender studies into various disciplines.
  • To help students understand the usefulness of gender as an analytical tool across disciplines;
Admission Requirements
  • A candidate applying for this course must have a university degree from an approved university. Candidates will be admitted into the programme irrespective of class of degree;
  • candidates must also meet the screening requirements of the Postgraduate College
The Degree to be offered
Postgraduate Certificate in Gender Studie (PGCGE)
The duration of the course is One (1) semester (12 weeks).
Mode of Study
Weekend Lectures
How to Apply
Application are made online, click here to apply
Please review fees information.
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